Gas Piping

A1-Discount Plumber a variety of gas piping services: pipes, valves, or fittings used to convey fuel, etc. Gas piping does not include services provided by your gas company, any gas piping used in electricity generation, or a commercial-scale non-utility generator. Your A1-Discount Plumber technician will be happy to answer any questions you have!


A gas leak is a serious issue that can cause harm to workers, buildings, and the environment. Finding them quickly reduces risk. A1 Discount Plumber can quickly locate gas leaks and will need to fix them right away.

Our team at A1 Discount Plumber are expert in industrial and commercial gas leak detection. Our specialized equipment allows us to locate leaks promptly, resulting in substantial cost savings for our customers.

Can you smell gas?  Please take immediate action:

  • Turn off the meter/emergency control immediately until we have repaired the gas leak.
  • Put out all flames.
  • Aerate the building by opening doors and windows.
  • Do not use any electrical switches.
  • If you are a residential customer, please call your local Gas Company emergency phone number providing your service.


Corrosion rusty through socket tube steam gas leak pipeline insulation
A1 Discount Plumber can quickly locate gas leaks will need fix them right away