Well Water Tanks

Well Tanks

A1 Discount Plumber offers a variety of well tanks to meet the needs of your specific application. We can review and explain your options for choosing the appropriate well tank for your system. We also provide service and repair on most well-tanks.
A pressurized tank (also referred to as a holding tank or bladder tank) works hand in hand with your well pump. After the water is extracted from your well, it is held under pressure in your tank. Your well pump shuts off once the tank fills with water and reaches the pre-designated pressure. This eliminates the need for your well pump to cycle each time you draw water from the system. Instead, your well pump only needs to run when the pressure in the tank drops to a per-designated level as you use your water. In addition, a pressure tank also helps to maintain consistent water pressure when in use. The proper size and style tank are essential to help extend the life of your well pump and maintain constant water pressure.

Commonly asked Question: Our water pressure goes up and down a lot. When I checked the gauge, the pressure would go up and down very fast. Also, my pump was turning on and off every five or six seconds?

Answer: You may have a waterlogged tank. A waterlogged tank means the water tank is full of water and doesn’t have enough air to create a cushion inside the tank for the pump to cycle correctly.